Dog and Cat Soft Chew Manufacturing

We are a U.S. contract manufacturer
for animals
Private lbls
40 000 ft²
Facility in Miami

What We Offer

Custom formula
Our nutrition team has created a unique and special formula of ingredients for each customer. All recipes and formulas are under nondisclosure contracts between us and our customers.
Access to manufacture Process
We believe that transparency in our partnerships provides confidence both to us and to our customers. As such, all our customers have access to our manufacturer.
Storage and
Storage your products in AC climate control Warehouse, Scheduling Shipping Direct to Amazon and to your Customers.
Our manufacturing line
Cold extruder machine
Our cold extruder machine for soft chew supplements has a production capacity of 80,000 lbs. per month. Our process includes mixing the base and active ingredients as well as extruding and cutting for individual sizes and shapes. The final product goes in trays to the cooling room where it dries for 24 hours. After drying, we check the product for the proper moisture levels to avoid bacterial growth.
Packaging machine
Our packaging machine includes 14 head scale and rotary filling components, automatic capping, electronic induction sealing, labeling, and sleeving. All of our automatic jar and doy packaging machines provide high speed, accurate weighing, and decreased human contact, resulting in reliable and on-time delivery of our customer’s orders. This facility’s production capacity is 150,000 jars per month.

Quality is the Key to Success!

For us, our 4-legged customers’ health and wellbeing are paramount. Above all, we are committed to the quality of our imported products which adhere to all applicable US standards, undergo rigorous quality control, and are FDA and HACCP certified. Our goal is to add science to goods created by nature and produce unique products for the pet industry.

We import all ingredients directly to our 40,000 sq ft Miami facility directly from suppliers in 23 countries. In addition to suppliers’ laboratory tests, we also test all ingredients in the US through third party laboratory companies to make sure we have the best quality raw ingredients for our manufacturer.
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